Let’s Insure was founded on the basic principles of providing outstanding service to every client and to our San Jose community at large. We realize that every client has his or her own unique needs. With this in mind we take an approach that creates a customized insurance plan to fit the requirements of the individual, family, or business client we are working with.

Our individual clients are offered a complete range of insurance products and services that include all forms of personal lines insurance to fit every aspect of their life. Our commercial clients are offered an extensive line of insurance products including all forms of coverage for their business including, Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Employee Benefit Packages.
Having earned advanced degrees in business, all of our in-house associates fully understand your insurance needs and are well equipped to prepare insurance plans to fit their specific needs and circumstances.

Let’s Insure provides businesses with a wide array of Employee Benefit solutions through highly reputable insurance companies who have been established for many years and are known for their attention to detail and providing outstanding service in every aspect.
We at Let’s Insure take pride in the relationships we have formed over the years with our many clients. We are known for providing the kind of professionalism and service unparalleled in the industry. We look forward to hearing from you to inquire about all the ways we can assist you individually, your family and/or your business.

Salar Baktash founded Let’s Insure in 2002 after having spent many years in the insurance industry and realizing there was a complete breakdown in communication between insurance companies and their clients. There was a lack of attention being paid to the individual needs of clients and little or no comprehension of the clients’ circumstances or situation.

Since the company was founded, Let’s Insure has quickly grown and become one of the most trusted insurances agencies in the Silicon Valley. It is also highly competitive as an all-lines insurance broker fully licensed in many states throughout the U.S.

We focus on finding the most cost effective risk management solutions for every corporate client. We work with a very diverse range of clients and businesses and welcome any challenge. We can provide insurance for anything from your wedding rings to your employees’ international travel.

As the principal of our San Jose insurance agency, I can assure you that everyone here, including myself, will provide you with the best service possible, offering you the products you need at very competitive prices. We will fulfill all your insurance needs in the most trustworthy, efficient and reliable manner possible.


The answer is fairly simple. We have carefully chosen the kinds of insurance companies that are proven industry leaders to work with. Every insurance carrier we work with has demonstrated their ability and willingness to offer top quality comprehensive policies at affordable prices, along with outstanding customer service. We have a world-class group of employees who are highly skilled in using our state-of-the-art technology to give you the kind of service you deserve, along with the best in insurance coverage. We are the epitome of the best in independent insurance agencies.