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Did you know that in California, even though you may have auto insurance for your fleet and a basic structure insurance for your business' physical location or a homeowner's insurance policy that covers your home office, you're still severely exposed? That's because, in California, parties can sue a business for contractual issues, failure to perform a service promised, product warranty and injury claims, failure to provide professional performance and service, and more. These aspects of business legalities are frequently the primary reasons small businesses fail before they reach their full potential and success. After all, it's costly to retain legal representation, and having to defend a business all the way to trial practically costs a fortune.

How To Prevent Loss

Smart business owners and managers retain what is known as business insurance. This type of protection provides an umbrella type risk protection that focuses explicitly on keeping a business solvent and out of the clutches of a lawsuit that drives it into bankruptcy. It covers the big three (workers' compensation, liability to third parties, and property damage to the business). Further, there are options to tailor a business insurance policy to deal with unique aspects of a given business as well as the California environment it thrives. For example, a dental office is not going to use the same protection as a restaurant or a movie studio, but all three will need coverage for employees, protection from theft, and litigation protection if sued for their work. Business policies can be crafted from starting plans that take care of the basics and are then finessed to address the specific needs of a business.

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Let's Insure provides business insurance for all types of businesses, and the wide range of companies and their operations in California are no exception. If you're looking to make sure your business is protected and able to succeed in today's market, please give Let's Insure a call to retain the right protection for your business. Our agents can get you a quote and put together a policy that works for your business.

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