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The Facts About Life Insurance

The high cost of living in California is one of the many reasons why getting a good life insurance policy is a priority for many residents of this state. It is an excellent way to provide your loved ones with long-term investment security. Luckily, Let's Insure is here to provide you with comprehensive and adequate life insurance coverage that fulfills the requirements of the state of California. There are a lot of options where you get to choose the one that suits your needs. Some of them include;

Term life insurance

This type of life insurance comes with a term as indicated in the insurance contract. It means that it will only be active for a particular period and once the time expires, the term has to be renewed. If you opt to purchase this type of coverage, you get to enjoy the benefit provided that you are still alive when the term ends. There are two types of term life insurance:

  • Annual renewable term – In this case, you get to renew the insurance term after one year until you pass away. Your family may decide to renew it even after you are gone.
  • Level premium term – This type of coverage has a specific term which could last multiple years. You will have to wait until the whole term ends to renew it if you are still alive.

Permanent life insurance

This kind of policy does not have an expiry. It ends when you are no more. Your beneficiaries get to enjoy the returns as indicated in the insurance contract. There are four types of permanent life insurance;

  • Whole life
  • Variable life
  • Variable universal
  • Universal life

Leaving your loved ones with financial constraints when you are not there to support them anymore can be frustrating and makes the pain of losing you even worse. Deciding on the best policy for you depends on some aspects such as age, occupation, health, or the investment you wish to get from it. Contact Let's Insure today to get a life insurance quote and get started. Our agents are ready to answer your questions.

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