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Home insurance is not a general requirement in California. However, if you're like many homebuyers, financing a home is most likely a must which means you will more than likely be required to buy a home insurance policy from your lender. This isn't a surprise; a homeowner's insurance takes care of protecting the home which is used as collateral for a mortgage in the first place. As long as the home is protected and kept in good condition, the lender can recover if there are problems with repayment of the home loan down the road.


Policies for Homeowners

Home insurance offers homeowners a variety of insurance options. These policies can protect you from a variety of perils which can include loss of property, the rebuilding of your home, protection against liability issues resulting from injuries, medical expenses, comprehensive coverage which can protect your home from vandalism and theft, and much more. A common misconception for home insurance policyholders is that they are protected from earthquakes and flooding. If you live in a flood zone or near a fault line, it is highly recommended to look into flood and earthquake insurance. A typical homeowner’s policy will not protect you from these events.

Let's Insure offers homeowner's insurance policies that strike a balance for all needs. Our products are comprehensive with sufficient coverage for many types of common perils to a home. Our experienced agents in San Jose, CA can work with you to find a policy that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle. Work with us to build a policy and get the protection your most significant investment needs.

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No one can promise in any situation that nothing will happen to your home under their insurance plan. However, Let's Insure provides California homeowners a peace of mind that they will be protected and provides a viable means of recovery when something does happen, and there's no way to avoid the damage or loss. Our local California agents can provide you more information and answer any questions you may have.

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