How often should I review my home insurance

Home insurance is something that doesn’t necessarily stay the same forever. It needs to grow and change the same way that your life grows and changes. Every year when your policy renews, you will get a declaration page, and this tells you all the particulars about your policy. At the very least, this is when you need to review your home policy. Look at the figures on it and the endorsements that you have. At Let’s Insure in San Diego, CA, we have provided personalized service to our customers and the community we live in. 

You should review your home insurance policy at least once a year and anytime something changes that your insurance company should know about. 

When things change in your life

A change in your marital status is something to let your insurance company know about. When you combine your assets, you may want to add additional liability coverage. If you add a furry friend to the family, this adds additional liability, and again you may want to increase your liability coverage. 

You add a home security system

When you add a home security system, it makes your home safer, which lessens your risks. That can make you eligible for a discount from your carrier. Call your insurance agent and ask about it. 

Make home improvement

When you make home improvements, the value of your home goes up. You need to talk to your insurance agent if you do something like finish your basement, add a new room, update your kitchen or bathroom. You also want to tell them when you get a new roof or add solar panels. A pool is a liability that you should also tell your insurance carrier about.

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