From Coast to Canyons: Understanding the Importance of Flood and Auto Insurance in San Diego

San Diego, CA, offers its residents a beautifully diverse landscape with picturesque views of rugged canyons. Despite its natural beauty, coastal areas and low-lying canyons can experience periods of tumultuous weather. When unexpected perils happen, flooding and auto accidents can cause financial strain for residents. 

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Understanding the Importance of Flood and Auto Insurance in San Diego, CA

Flood Insurance Benefits for Homeowners

San Diego is not immune to heavy rainfall and flash floods, which can cause property or automobile damage. Flood insurance can provide a layer of financial protection that can shield your home or auto from flood damage in low-lying areas. 

Auto Insurance Benefits for Local Drivers

Auto accidents can happen anywhere along the city’s scenic coastal drives, especially on roads that wind through canyons. By investing in comprehensive auto insurance, local drivers can protect themselves from the fallout associated with collision and non-collision-related accidents. 

Comprehensive auto insurance offers a full coverage solution for local drivers seeking to safeguard their autos from collisions, thefts, vandalism, natural disasters, animal collisions, and other covered perils. Talk to a licensed and knowledgeable insurance agent to learn about your bet options for liability or comprehensive auto coverage based on your driving history and other factors. 

Get Trusted Insurance Advice

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home or auto from accidents, natural disasters, or theft. A trusted insurance agent can offer advice and professional guidance for San Diego locals seeking bundled and comprehensive solutions. 

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Does an SR-22 Insurance Form Expire?

Suppose you’re looking to reinstate driving privileges after you received a DUI charge, a "wet reckless" charge, or suspension due to being a negligent operator. In that case, you probably need to obtain an SR-22 Insurance form. At Let’s Insure in San Diego, CA, we’re glad to help with this process. Once you’ve got that form, you’ll need to renew it regularly to keep it from expiring. If it expires, you could face serious legal consequences and lose your license again. As a result, it’s essential for you to know whether an SR-22 form expires if you have one in California. 

What is an SR-22 insurance form in California?

Essentially, an SR-22 insurance form shows that you carry the minimum insurance for vehicle operators in the state. It becomes necessary when you lose a hearing for a DUI, fails to request a DUI hearing, or receive a conviction on a DUI charge. You might need to obtain an SR-22 insurance form in some other situations. IDDs, auto insurance accidents where you weren’t insured, and other issues can trigger you to need an SR-22.

Does an SR-22 insurance form expire?

Yes, SR-22 insurance expires. You’ll need to renew it within fifteen days of the expiration date. Otherwise, your insurance company is legally required to report that you haven’t renewed it within that timeframe. If you’re unsure when your SR-22 expires, you can call your local DMV and ask them about it. Usually, SR-22 insurance lasts at least two or three years, but every situation is unique.

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What are the state minimums for auto insurance in California?

California drivers are required to carry the state minimum auto insurance to drive within the state legally. San Diego, CA drivers must carry liability insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements. Our team at Let’s Insure takes pride in educating California drivers about the state’s insurance requirements. We take pride in showing our customers their auto insurance options and the minimum driving requirements within the state. 

What are California’s Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements?

California state law requires that all drivers carry liability insurance, including bodily injury, property damage, and uninsured insurance coverage. Drivers must have $15K per person with bodily injury coverage and $30K per accident. Drivers must also carry at least $5K in property damage liability coverage. California also requires all drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage at $15K per person and $30K per accident. All drivers must carry at least these minimums in liability insurance. Once California drivers meet the state minimums, they can invest in more insurance if needed. We are committed to helping people explore their insurance options through education. 

Our Let’s Insure team is committed to educating our San Diego, CA residents on all their auto insurance options. First and foremost, we want our California residents to know what’s required. After residents understand California’s minimum auto insurance coverage requirements, we can introduce other auto insurance options as well. If you need to invest in auto insurance, give us a call. We’re here to help guide decision-making and meet the state minimum auto insurance requirements. Call us. We’re standing by.


Do I Need SR-22 Insurance If I Do Not Own a Car?

SR-22 is a form filed with the state to prove you have the minimum car insurance required for San Diego, CA. This form is also referred to as a “Certificate of Financial Responsibility” and is required by most state’s departments of motor vehicles for high-risk insurance policies. Not everyone is required to obtain an SR-22. The SR-22 form is typically required for those drivers who have been caught without insurance or a valid driver’s license. 

Our agents at Let’s Insure can help you determine if an SR-22 is required and help you through the process. 

Why Would I Need an SR-22? 

You may be required to get an SR-22 by your state, or the courts can order it. If your SR-22 request is state-ordered, you typically will receive a letter from your department of motor vehicles. If the request is court-ordered, the judge notifies you of this requirement during your hearing. 

Common reasons for an SR-22 to be required include: 

  • Having a DUI/DWI conviction
  • Having too many at-fault accidents/violations
  • Driving without enough insurance
  • Being a repeat speeding offender
  • Not paying court-ordered child support
  • Having a hardship license

Do I Need SR-22 if I Do Not Own a Car? 

Certain circumstances may still require you to have an SR-22 even if you do not own a vehicle. For example, there may be times when you might borrow a car from a friend, which would still require you to have a valid driver’s license. In addition, as a high-risk driver, even if you do not own a vehicle, you will still need to file a non-owner SR-22 certificate to drive a borrowed car. 

San Diego, CA high-risk drivers can continue driving under special circumstances after filing their SR-22. Call us today at Let’s Insure for additional information and assistance filing your SR-22 documents.  

When Will Auto Insurance Not Cover My Damage?

In San Diego, CA, you can generally expect your auto insurance policy to kick in and cover the damages if:

  1. You have the appropriate coverage.
  2. The damages result from an incident like theft or a collision and not down to regular wear and tear.
  3. You file your report on time.

Going down these items point by point…

Appropriate Coverage

The mandatory minimum amount of insurance you are required to carry in California is a liability. Liability insurance will cover the damages if you are at fault, but only for the other party. Liability will not pay towards repairing or replacing your car under any circumstances. For that, you need, at the least, collision and comprehensive.

Wear and Tear

Cars will break down over time. There’s nothing that can be done about that. So the money you’re getting from your insurer for repairs will be for repairs resulting from an accident. You can’t ask your insurer to change your spark plugs for you or rotate your tires. Basic maintenance will have to be on your time and your dime.

File on Time

Simply put, your auto insurer needs to know that you were in an accident if they’re going to cover it, right? So you’ll need to get in touch and file a claim in a timely manner, typically within a month or so, but this may vary by provider.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get covered in San Diego, CA, get in touch with Let’s Insure. You can call or get on the Let’s Insure website to see about getting a good deal on a great policy.

Do I need more than basic auto insurance

Basic auto insurance is what is mandated by the state. The amount and types of coverage required are not the same in every state. If you are driving in California or even parking in the state, you are required to abide by the laws. In California, liability insurance is required. Motorists must carry $15,000 in bodily injury per person with a maximum required of $30,000 and property damage of $5,000. At Let’s Insure in San Diego, CA, we have almost 20 years of service to our local community. 

The primary liability limits in California are very low. For anyone who has any assets, they would fall woefully short of what the actual cost of an accident might be. If the cost of medical expenses or property damage goes beyond the limits of your policy, the responsibility to pay those bills falls to you personally. You could be forced to sell your assets, and your future wages could be garnished. This is not something that most people want to take a chance with

Liability insurance covers other people in an accident but gives no protection to your vehicle. If you are leasing a car or have a car loan, your lender or lessor will require that you carry more than basic auto insurance. In an accident where you are the party at fault, you must have collision coverage to protect your car. This coverage will allow you to repair or replace your vehicle. It also provides another vehicle for you to drive while you are getting your vehicle repaired. Comprehensive coverage will fix your car if an event beyond your control damages it. It also protects against theft and vandalism. 

When you’re ready to discuss your auto insurance coverage at Let’s Insure in San Diego, CA, we are here to help you choose the best coverage for your situation. Call our office or stop in and let us give you a no-obligation quote.