When Will Auto Insurance Not Cover My Damage?

In San Diego, CA, you can generally expect your auto insurance policy to kick in and cover the damages if:

  1. You have the appropriate coverage.
  2. The damages result from an incident like theft or a collision and not down to regular wear and tear.
  3. You file your report on time.

Going down these items point by point…

Appropriate Coverage

The mandatory minimum amount of insurance you are required to carry in California is a liability. Liability insurance will cover the damages if you are at fault, but only for the other party. Liability will not pay towards repairing or replacing your car under any circumstances. For that, you need, at the least, collision and comprehensive.

Wear and Tear

Cars will break down over time. There’s nothing that can be done about that. So the money you’re getting from your insurer for repairs will be for repairs resulting from an accident. You can’t ask your insurer to change your spark plugs for you or rotate your tires. Basic maintenance will have to be on your time and your dime.

File on Time

Simply put, your auto insurer needs to know that you were in an accident if they’re going to cover it, right? So you’ll need to get in touch and file a claim in a timely manner, typically within a month or so, but this may vary by provider.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get covered in San Diego, CA, get in touch with Let’s Insure. You can call or get on the Let’s Insure website to see about getting a good deal on a great policy.