Does an SR-22 Insurance Form Expire?

Suppose you’re looking to reinstate driving privileges after you received a DUI charge, a "wet reckless" charge, or suspension due to being a negligent operator. In that case, you probably need to obtain an SR-22 Insurance form. At Let’s Insure in San Diego, CA, we’re glad to help with this process. Once you’ve got that form, you’ll need to renew it regularly to keep it from expiring. If it expires, you could face serious legal consequences and lose your license again. As a result, it’s essential for you to know whether an SR-22 form expires if you have one in California. 

What is an SR-22 insurance form in California?

Essentially, an SR-22 insurance form shows that you carry the minimum insurance for vehicle operators in the state. It becomes necessary when you lose a hearing for a DUI, fails to request a DUI hearing, or receive a conviction on a DUI charge. You might need to obtain an SR-22 insurance form in some other situations. IDDs, auto insurance accidents where you weren’t insured, and other issues can trigger you to need an SR-22.

Does an SR-22 insurance form expire?

Yes, SR-22 insurance expires. You’ll need to renew it within fifteen days of the expiration date. Otherwise, your insurance company is legally required to report that you haven’t renewed it within that timeframe. If you’re unsure when your SR-22 expires, you can call your local DMV and ask them about it. Usually, SR-22 insurance lasts at least two or three years, but every situation is unique.

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