The Truth Behind Four Common Misconceptions Regarding Commercial Insurance

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Four Common Misconceptions Regarding Commercial Insurance

As a San Diego, CA business owner, it is vital to know of the risks associated with operating a business. One accident could jeopardize everything that you have worked for. Consider the benefits of commercial insurance. Commercial insurance covers any property damage. You are also covered if your equipment is stolen. Liability coverage protects your business if one of your customers gets injured on your property or has a harmful reaction to your products. As you research commercial insurance, pay attention to these common misconceptions.

Personal Auto Insurance Is Not Valid

You cannot cover your commercial vehicles through your auto insurance policy. Commercial insurance will cover you if you are involved in an accident while working.

Workers’ Compensation Isn’t Necessary

Even if you only have a handful of employees, you are taking a risk if you don’t have worker’s compensation. The policy covers your business if there are any issues in the workplace. You could lose everything if you don’t have a strong policy.

Umbrella Insurance Is A Waste

If you are involved in a serious liability dispute, umbrella insurance can help prevent you from losing everything.

I Don’t Need Coverage When I Work Remotely

You are still at risk as you work from home. Commercial insurance protects you against the threat of potential hackers.

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