Which businesses have to carry workers’ compensation insurance?

At Let’s Insure, we want to help other California businesses thrive by offering a full complement of commercial insurance policies. In San Diego, CA, new businesses open daily, and most will need a workers’ compensation insurance policy. If you recently moved from out of state, that statement might surprise you because, in many states, only larger companies need this type of policy. 

Each State Sets Its Worker’s Compensation Program Requirements 

Each U.S. state sets its own worker’s comp program requirements. While a state cannot make its requirements less than the federal minimums, it can be more challenging. California chose to toughen the worker’s comp requirements.  

If you move to California and move your business operations, you’ll need to check with the Department of Commerce and the state Workers Comp Program for California’s compliance regulations. The same applies if you open a business location in California that operates its headquarters in another state. In California, a business that hires just one employee must purchase workers’ comp insurance, according to the state’s workers’ compensation office. That means that every company in San Diego, CA, except solopreneurs, must purchase one of these policies that protects workers who incur injuries on the job or become ill due to workplace exposure.  

Buying a Workers Comp Policy 

Let’s Insure can help your business develop its workers comp policy. Each policy differs slightly since it covers the number of employees you hire. Typically, this uses a range so your business can hire a few people without needing to amend the policy.  

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